observatory operations

A RUL Estimation System from Clustered Run-to-Failure Degradation Signals

The prognostics and health management disciplines provide an efficient solution to improve a system’s durability, taking advantage of its lifespan in functionality before a failure appears. Prognostics are performed to estimate the system or …

Improving prescriptive maintenance by incorporating post-prognostic information through chance constraints

Maintenance is one of the critical areas in operations in which a careful balance between preventive costs and the effect of failures is required. Thanks to the increasing data availability, decision-makers can now use models to better estimate, …

Optimización matemática: conectando predicción y prescripción para mejores decisiones

In this talk, I give an overview of analytics, focusing on prescriptive analytics and some applications.

Operations Research Tools Applied to Scheduling in Observatory Operations

Using operations research methodologies, we are developing new tools for observatory operations.

Slow Degradation Fault Detection in a Harsh Environment

The ever increasing challenges posed by the science projects in astronomy have skyrocketed the complexity of the new generation telescopes. Due to the climate and sky requirements, these high-precision instruments are generally located in remote …

Martes de Física y Astronomía / Physics and Astronomy Tuesdays.

In this interview, we talk about the engineering part of some iconic science-related things, like the ALMA Telescope, the recent SpaceX trip, and the Event Horizon Telescope.

Predictive Maintenance

Developing tools for fault detection and diagnosis, in order to construct predictive maintenance systems.

Viaje al Centro de los Datos / Voyage to the Center of Data.

In this interview, we talk about how operations research is key to help in making better decisions and how it fosters interconnections with different domain areas.

Astronomical Scheduling in the Era of Big Observatories

Scheduling has been a common problem to all astronomical observatories due to the limited telescope time compared to the time request from the community. However, when the complexity scale of the observatories increases, along with the construction …

ALMA engineering fault detection framework

The Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) Observatory, with its 66 individual radiotelescopes and other central equipment, generates a massive set of monitoring data everyday, collecting information on the performance of a variety of …