operations research

Viaje al Centro de los Datos / Voyage to the Center of Data.

In this interview, we talk about how operations research is key to help in making better decisions and how it fosters interconnections with different domain areas.

Modelos de Decisión ante crisis / Decision models for a crisis.

We talk about the beginnings of operations research and its connection to making good decisions in a crisis.


Several members of our research group participated in OPTIMA 2019, the Chilean Conference on Operations Research.

Optimal decisions for salvage logging after wildfires

Strategic, tactical, and operational harvesting plans for the forestry and logging industry have been widely studied for more than 60 years. Many different settings and specific constraints due to legal, environmental, and operational requirements …

Salvage logging: harvest scheduling and personnel assignment after wildfires

During summer 2017 Chile was hit by the most massive wildfires in its history, burning more than 450,000 hectares and affecting significantly small and medium forestry companies. In most cases, fires consumed only the tree's bark, leaving the rest of …

Proceedings of the XII Chilean conference on operations research

Proceedings of the XII Chilean Conference on Operations Research (OPTIMA) 2017, held in Valpariso, Chile